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Our Environmental Commitment

Gift Hampers Hong Kong is an environmentally conscious gift shop that specialises in unique gift hampers. We are dedicated to help protect the natural environment and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. Our operations are based on 3 principles:

  1. Use of Eco-Plastic Lite Packaging
  2. Use of 100% biodegradable cellophane wrapping
  3. Use of 100% recyclable & reusable material

 1. Eco-Plastic Lite Packaging

Plastic is an environmental hazard as it is a major contributor to land pollution. Thus, it can be detrimental to wildlife, so an alternative is generally preferred.

When shopping at Gift Hampers Hong Kong, you can choose to purchase hampers with an eco-plastic lite option as opposed to classic gift hampers. While both strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible, there are some differences in their presentation and wrapping material.


What are the differences between Classic Gift Hampers and the Eco-Plastic Lite Hamper Option?

The contents of classic hampers are clearly displayed as the wrapping is transparent. So, recipients can immediately see what is inside the hamper before even removing the wrapping. The wrapping itself is 100% biodegradable cellophane. Any fillers used are 100% recyclable and can be reused. A ribbon is included in its presentation.

Recipients of eco-plastic lite hampers cannot see what the contents of their hamper are because they will receive a covered gift box or basket, both of which are reusable and are great for storage. No cellophane wrapping, tape, fillers or ribbons are used in our eco-plastic lite hampers.

We have a wide range of plastic lite hampers on our site for you to choose from, and we frequently update our hampers according to festivals and seasons. Stay tuned for our exclusive plastic lite hampers, Mid-Autumn Festival Hampers and Christmas Hampers, both coming soon!

2. Use 100% biodegradable cellophane wrapping

Gift Hampers Hong Kong aims to be eco-friendly, right down to the wrapping. Instead of using plastic, we utilize cellophane for wrapping our classic hampers.


What is cellophane?

Cellophane is a thin, transparent sheet made of generated cellulose; an organic compound found in plants that strengthens the overall plant structure. It is used as a sturdy protective covering and is 100% biodegradable, making it less harmful to the environment than plastic.

Where do we use cellophane on our Gift Hampers?

We use cellophane to wrap around our gift hampers after all items have been carefully placed in and properly arranged in the gift basket. For more information on our use of cellophane and its benefits, please refer to our blog post.

3. Use 100% recyclable & reusable material

Fillers are used in hampers to keep everything within safe and secure. All our basket fillers are 100% recyclable and the container itself (basket / box) is reusable.


Join our recycling program today & win an e-voucher!

Gift Hampers Hong Kong is passionate about recycling and doing our bit to save the earth. You can do your part as well by returning your gift basket / box for recycling.

1. Please send us a photo of the basket/box and provide the date of return, number of basket/box, name and email address by whatsapp or email.

2. Return the container at your own cost to our Tsuen Wan warehouse: Unit 2403, 24/F, Tsuen Wan Ind Centre, 220 Texaco Rd, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

3. You will receive an e-voucher within 3 working days as a reward for saving our planet Earth!

Ways to reuse our gift baskets or boxes

  • Toys / Clothes Storage – Our different sized containers make excellent storage units for all your bits and pieces, big and small.
  • Redecorate the House – Keep things neat and tidy by placing them in our stylish boxes. Store items around the house such as remote controls, magazines, bathroom essentials and cooking supplies.
  • Picnic Basket – Your gift basket can easily be reused as a beautiful picnic basket.
  • Plants – Run out of containers for a new plant? Our boxes and baskets will work a treat!


How do you reuse our gift baskets and/or boxes? We would love to know!

Post your photo on Instagram and share your creative ideas with us using the hashtag #GiftHampersReuse today!

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