Gourmet Gift Hamper

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  1. Little Treat

    Little Treat

    A delicious array of gourmet delights from dried Kale crisps, to watermelon seeds and Birch water - this hamper is perfect for any one and for any occasion. This hamper is great for sharing and is ideal for gifting to friends, family, and colleagues. Learn More
  2. Something Different

    Something Different

    Send a little Something Different to somebody special with our relaxing gift hamper, perfect for enjoying a night in. These sweet snacks offer a wonderful combination when paired with a hot cup of hot chocolate. Learn More
  3. Gourmet Temptations

    Gourmet Temptations

    Want to spoil your be-loved friends and family with the addicted crisp and sweets? This hamper would be the best simple choice for you, it is suitable for any kind of celebrations or even housewarming. With the The Gourmet Merchant Oven Baked Biscuits from England, you be-loved would be indulgent in this best gourmet selections from us. Learn More
  4. Treat Yourself

    Treat Yourself

    Get through the day with our Treat Yourself hamper. Start the morning with a refreshing and awakening niche tea,which compliment perfectly with biscuits. Then enjoy a short mid-day break with a chocolate. You will also find the biscuits are perfect for when you are feeling a little peckish. Learn More
  5. Gifted Collection

    Gifted Collection

    Our 'Gifted Collection' offers a fine selection of snacks for somebody special in your life. Ideal for a relaxing afternoon, our gift basket includes everything you need for an enjoyable tea time snack. Refresh and recharge with a cup of Tea Forte Rejuvenating Tea, and whet your appetite with some luscious chocolate pair with crackers. Learn More
  6. All About Cupcakes

    All About Cupcakes

    Ready for the weekend? Having a baking night on Friday would be the best way to enjoy the beautiful weekend. Spend a night with your besties and create some lovely muffin together. With a classic movie and cosy sofa, this would be the best time to relax after a tiring week. You could also send this hamper to the one who love baking as a little treats for their life. Learn More

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  7. Taste of Italy

    Taste of Italy

    Everything you need to cook up a delicious pasta dish is included in our 'Taste of Italy' gourmet hamper. This hamper is a culinary delight to those who love to cook! Learn More
  8. Leisurely Life

    Leisurely Life

    Our 'Leisurely Life' hamper is a great as a mini celebratory gift - perfect for gifting to your loved ones to help them celebrate an achievement. Learn More
  9. Weekend Essentials Hamper

    Weekend Essentials Hamper

    Send your be-loved one a wonderful gift hamper full of goodies for tea time. Our Weekends Essentials Hampers offers the perfect combination of teas and snacks for a refreshing and relaxing tea time break. Learn More
  10. Italian Kitchen

    Italian Kitchen

    Have a friend who love cook? Or wishing to enjoy a cooking experience with your be-loved one? This hamper provided you the main ingredients for risotto and made everything handy for you already. With the chopping board and servers from Italy, this hamper would defiantly gives you the best Italian night with your favourite one. Learn More
  11. The Cheese Connoisseur

    The Cheese Connoisseur

    A delightful combination of cheese and wine for you and your best friends to enjoy a relaxing night. Great for sending to those who obsessed with cheese as a thoughtful gesture. Learn More
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  12. The Cheese Master

    The Cheese Master

    Send a bit of stylish extravagance with Classified The Cheese Master gift hamper. The hamper includes red wine and rosé alongside cheese and crispy crostini. Your recipient will definitely enjoy the delicious combination by finding all she/he needs from this luxury gift basket. Whether the gift is for an anniversary event or a housewarming party, the hamper is sure to be enjoyed. Learn More
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  13. The Cheese Enthusiast

    The Cheese Enthusiast

    Wine and cheese are one of life’s perfect pairings. Share a delightful treat with the ones you love by sending Classified The Cheese Enthusiast gift hamper. The basket includes everything from treats to bottles of French wine. Your recipient will also receive Quince paste along with crostini to spread it on. Who could ask for more? Learn More
  14. The Alcoholic Trio

    The Alcoholic Trio

    Whether you enjoy the cool re-freshing taste of an ice cold beer, the delicate tannins of a fine red wine or the smooth, sharp taste of hard liquor this is the perfect basket for you. Choose our gift basket and let your tastebuds experience the wonderful combinations of different drinks. Learn More
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  15. Sweet Delights

    Sweet Delights

    Satisfy your sweet tooth and sugary cravings with this delightful gift box filled with sweet and savoury delights. Beautifully presented in our premium gift box, simply lift the lid and you will find an assortment of gourmet delights including popcorn, chocolate bar and biscuits. Perfect for sharing and enjoying with others, send this box of goodies to your friends and loved ones. Learn More
  16. Sweet Desires

    Sweet Desires

    Happiness can be packaged and gifted in a little box with our "Sweet Desires" gift hamper. Filled with an assortment of gourmet treats and delightfully quirky stationary gifts, this gift box is sure to put a smile on your face. You will be astonished with the contents of this hamper - from chocolate truffles and gummy sweets to an exotic touchan memo block and novelty sheep pencil holder, this hamper isn't one to be missed. Surprise your friends and family with this unique gift whatever the occasion. Learn More

    Out of stock

  17. happy_kitchen_2016

    Happy Kitchen

    These culinary delicacies are a fantastic addition to the kitchen, whether you are after a quick snack or looking to cook a hearty meal, this hamper has it all. Learn More

    Out of stock

  18. International Foodies Hamper

    International Foodies Hamper

    Are you a fan of international foods? Do you know somebody who loves to travel? Send our 'International Foodies' Hamper to somebody who wants to sample the greatest treats that the world has to offer. Learn More

    Out of stock

  19. Regal Life

    Regal Life

    Get into the celebratory mood with our champagne and flutes gift box. This gift is ideal for special occasions or as a small token of thanks to friends, family and business partners. Learn More
  20. The King of the World

    The King of the World

    Thinking of spending the weekend with your feet up and enjoying a couple of cool refreshing beers? Invite some friends over to share this delectable basket of beers and snacks - this hamper is a fantastic choice for sport fanatics, or for organizing an impromptu poker night. Learn More
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  21. Taste of France

    Taste of France

    Send the francophile in your life a Taste of France with our delicious gift hamper. Your recipient will spread French goose foie gras on Waterthins organic crackers, all the while enjoying a bottle of Chateau Belrose red wine. This is a gift hamper that is sure to please even the pickiest gourmets. This makes an excellent birthday or festival gift, but you can also bring this versatile gift hamper to a corporate event or housewarming party. Learn More
  22. Memorable Moment

    Memorable Moment

    Help the ones you care by sending this thoughtfully curated basket of goodness. Coconut water is a refreshing low-calorie natural beverage packed with antioxidants and minerals. Healthy snacks like watermelon seeds and veggie chips are also perfect for the health-conscious. This gift basket is the best choice for someone you care. Learn More
  23. The Weekender

    The Weekender

    Enjoy a Italian weekend with this hamper that comes with all the main ingredients for Italian rissotto. You can create your own favour with the special Mill & Mortar Red Wine Salt Flakes and Stoppato Rissotto. This hamper comes with a bottle of french re wine, perfect to send as a gift to someone who enjoy cooking and love Italian cuisine. Learn More
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  24. Party Favourites

    Party Favourites

    Send some Party Favourites to somebody you care about with our special gift hamper. This gift includes either two or three snacks alongside a collection of fresh and delicious craft beer. Your recipient will enjoy a fine selection of lager, ale, beer and cider for a total of eight drinks. The gifts arrive in a traditional basket, perfect for a corporate event, festival or housewarming party. Learn More
  25. Italian Cook Off

    Italian Cook Off

    This hamper is all about Italian cuisine and it gives you the change to enjoy the ultimate cooking experience. You can create your own favour for the pasta with the special Mill & Mortar Seaweed Salt Flakes and Morelli Red Chilli Pasta. It will be the most special gift for your be-love one. Learn More
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  26. Superhero


    Test your culinary skills and cook up a storm in the kitchen with our savory hamper filled with an array of ingredients for you to create a delicious dish. Surprise your friends and loved ones with a home cooked meal. Learn More
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  27. Supreme Enjoyment

    Supreme Enjoyment

    Send our 'Supreme Enjoyment' Hamper to friends and colleagues to give them something to look forward to this weekend. Champagne and chocolates make a fantastic duo and are great if someone requires a little cheering up. Learn More
  28. Deluxe BBQ Basket

    Deluxe BBQ Basket

    Send our Deluxe BBQ Basket to the outdoor chef in your life. This wonderful gift comes with craft beer or Penfolds Bin 128. You can also choose to include vegetables or not alongside six premium steaks. This is essentially a meal in a basket, delivered for Father’s Day, a corporate event or even as a thank you present. Your recipient will enjoy a meal ready to go. Learn More
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  29. Deluxe BBQ with Snack Basket

    Deluxe BBQ with Snack Basket

    Send Dad the perfect weekend gift with our Deluxe BBQ with Snack Basket. This gift, which you can order with or without vegetables, comes with everything needed to make a premium dinner for family or friends. This kit includes eight drinks, including lager, ale, beer and cider. It also comes with six high-quality steaks and delicious snacks. Everything the guy in your life needs for a delightful barbecue is included. Learn More
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  30. The Classic Gentleman

    The Classic Gentleman

    The "Classic Gentleman" is the perfect gift for the man of the house. Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey can be found in this delightful hamper, alongside whisky glasses. Learn More

    Out of stock

  31. The Avid Baker

    The Avid Baker

    Do you know someone who loves baking? If you do, this hamper is a great gift for them! Packed with various baking necessities, the receiver is sure to love it. From flour to salt and pepper shakers to decoration sprinkles, this hamper sure is a tasty treat for your sweet tooth! Learn More
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  32. Mojito Cocktail Party

    Mojito Cocktail Party

    Everybody needs a break now and then. Share this gift hamper with friends and family and just chill together. This "Mojito Cocktail Party" hamper includes all the hardware you need. Enjoy your R&R together with your friends and share the delightful Bacardi Rum or you can even go with the Cawston lemonade and the Schweppes Soda Water. Learn More

    Out of stock

  33. Movie Night

    Movie Night

    Happiness can be packaged and gifted in a little box with our "Movie Night" gift hamper. Enjoy and have a wonderful night with your friends or loved one. Give them a little surprise! Learn More

    Out of stock

  34. Happy Friday

    Happy Friday

    Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind birthday gift? Happy Friday is packed with all sorts of goodies anyone would love. This hamper includes different kinds of chocolates, potato crisps, gummies, and also a smartphone magnifier that gives you a whole different experience when watching from your phone. Ideal for celebrations, birthdays, and house warmings. Learn More

    Out of stock

  35. Gourmet Treats

    Gourmet Treats

    A captivating and delicious selection of our finest gourmet snacks. Our "Gourmet Treats" gift hamper is truly irresistable.You will find a variey of chocolate delicacies such as truffles, luxury biscuits and coffee to satisfy your sweet tooth. Stepping away from coffee, the hamper also includes a Ceramic coffee mug and golden coffee spoon. Learn More

    Out of stock

  36. Party time

    Party time

    Get the party started or settle down in front of the TV with your favourite sports game and our "Party Time" gift basket which is filled with a selection of gourmet snacks and craft beers - perfect for sharing with your loved ones. Learn More

    Out of stock

  37. Tea Time Essentials

    Tea Time Essentials

    Get through the day with our Tea Time Essentials hamper. Start the morning with a refreshing and awakening niche tea,which compliment perfectly with crackers. Then enjoy a short mid-day break with chocolates. Learn More

    Out of stock

  38. Happy Moments

    Happy Moments

    The smallest moments in life are what makes life so enjoyable. Create your own happy moment with this amazing hamper filled with delightful gifts and treats. Whether your guilty pleasure is heavenly chocolate or exquisitely crunchy popcorn there isn't a moment to be missed. Indulge in these wonderful and scrumptious snacks with your loved ones. Learn More

    Out of stock

  39. Gourmet Indulgence

    Gourmet Indulgence

    A luxury gourmet hamper for you to share with your friends and family. This hamper comes with the luxury duck Pâté, which could be the snack for you the get ready for the delicious Italian risotto. You can enjoy cooking the Italian risotto with the ingredients and seasoning in this hamper. The Gourmet Indulgence is also a choice for your friend who love cooking or enjoy Italian cuisine. Learn More

    Out of stock

  40. A Happy Moment

    A Happy Moment

    Enjoy a healthy snack basket with your family and friends. This basket include Kale Crisps and Pure Organic Birch Water, it will surely impress the receipient. Learn More

    Out of stock

  41. Tea Time Basket

    Tea Time Basket

    Surprise somebody you love with a wonderful gift hamper full of goodies for a welcoming tea time. Our Tea Time Basket offers luscious gourmet treats, including nuts, chocolate bars and biscuits. Your loved one will pass chocolates around the table while sipping on Tea Forte Rejuvenating Tea. Not only is a delightful housewarming gift, but it is also a wonderful way to show appreciation for somebody you care about. Learn More

    Out of stock

  42.  Pure Indulgence

    Pure Indulgence

    Have yourself a pure indulgence with this hamper of craft beers, biscuits and popcorn, or share this hamper with friends. Learn More

    Out of stock

  43. The Highlanders

    The Highlanders

    Appease your appetite with The Highlanders gift box. Filled will a delightful assortment of snacks and nibbles such as melt in the mouth truffles, soft and chewy fudge and crunchy biscuits and crisps, this gift is perfect for satisfying your cravings. Enjoy with a mug of mouth watering, silky smooth hot chocolate to experience true chocolaty bliss. Learn More

    Out of stock

  44. Simple Pleasures

    Simple Pleasures

    Everyone has their own simple pleasures which brings them joy and happiness - many of which experience happiness in the form of delicious gourmet treats and board games. This gift box is sure to be enjoyed by your loved ones, close friends and colleagues. Learn More

    Out of stock

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Gourmet Gift Hampers

There is no occasion for which gourmet hampers are not the perfect gift. Are you sending a gift to a loved one who happens to be a foodie? Are you hoping to impress your new significant other with a delicious treasure trove of sweets? No matter the occasion, you won’t regret sending a gourmet hamper of treats.

Send along one of these gourmet hampers from Gift Hampers HK to truly leave your recipient stunned. Can you imagine the look on your loved one’s face when he or she opens the gift hamper to reveal a beautiful selection of treats?

Here are a few of our favorite gourmet gift hampers:

  • The Weekender offers a fine selection of French wine and truffle chips, giving you an excellent selection for a celebration. You and your loved one can enjoy a glass of red wine in addition to a handful of delicious chips and biscuit.
  • We love the Wine & Chocolate Time hamper, which offers French wine, foie gras, organic crackers and dark chocolate. It is the perfect choice for a birthday party, housewarming party or other celebration.
  • Are you ready for the Something Different gift hamper? This is a great choice for an intimate occasion with a loved one. It includes chocolate marshmallows, hot chocolate drinking powder, cookies and chips.
  • The Party Favourites basket is great for a housewarming party or other celebration. The relaxing gift hamper includes a selection of beers and casual snacks for friends.
  • We think the Tea Time Basket is the ideal choice if you are attending a party or house-warming . This delightful gift box offers an array of high-quality gourmet items, including delicious Ocelot chocolate, mouth-watering Joe & Seph's popcorn and Amuse tea leaves in test tube packaging.

  • Gourmet Baskets from Gift Hampers HK

    You won’t be disappointed when you order a gourmet item from Gift Hampers HK. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide excellent products and superior customer service. Plus, our gourmet hampers are perfect for any event -- a corporate party, Valentine’s Day treat or just a romantic weekend.

    Contact your Gift Hamper Experts Now

    The best thing about our gift hampers is that we deliver within the Hong Kong metropolitan area for free. Visit our website right now to see the many options available to you. You will not regret ordering a gorgeous gift hamper that will show up to cries of delight from people you care about.

    You can make your next special occasion wonderful by making a purchase from Gift Hampers HK today.