With the exciting arrival of a new-born, loved ones and friends gather around to celebrate. The new family will be flooded with visits and gifts, and there will undoubtedly be a lot of fussing and cooing over the baby.

Despite the joyous occasion, however, having a new member in the family can be rather overwhelming, and sometimes, all the new parents could ever want is a helping hand. A good supply of affordable and high-quality products to use on their baby would simply be a dream come true. Whether it’s for a beloved family member-turned-parent, a good friend, a colleague or even your next-door neighbour, baby hampers are your best bet to being the most wonderful present they could ask for.

Our finest collection of items are carefully selected and put together by our expert team and are guaranteed to impress! We have delightful hampers for baby boys and girls, so you are bound to find something for everyone. From the most creative teethers and practical bibs to the softest mittens and luxurious lotions, we’ve got just the right things tailored to their every need.

Gift Hampers Hong Kong offer plenty of wonderful baby hampers and it can be difficult to choose the most suitable one for the receiver. So, we’ve scanned through all our items and we have chosen our most popular picks for boys, girls and unisex. Read on to find out why!

Trendy Gift Set for Baby Boy

This is a superb blue-themed gift set that will definitely put a smile on your face. Baby boys may be little, but they love a good adventure! Let the little one be whisked off into the magical world of dragons and dinosaurs with this trendy gift hamper, which includes the adorable Tikiri Midnight Dragon Teether, a set of colourful and beautifully illustrated ‘Innovative Kids’ Little Dinosaur Books, a cute 'Alimrose' Designs Bow Tie Bib, ‘2 Little Owls’ Mittens, and a soft and cuddly Baby Knit Blanket for the beloved baby to snuggle up in. The perfect gift for the perfect little guy. Price: HK$875.00

First Gift for Baby Girl

It’s always exciting to find gifts for baby girls – there are so many choices! To narrow down some items suitable for a princess, we’ve packed together a beautiful selection of items in this gorgeous pink-themed hamper. Perfect as a first gift for the baby girl, upon Gift Hampers Hong Kong Round Wooden Gift board, recipients will find an elegant Histoire d'Ours Peluche Girls & Glitter Cygne Rose Swan, complete with fluffy pink feathers and golden feet. The hamper also includes a soft and pretty Melya & Alvin Rubber Cube Set, ‘2 Little Owls’ Bibs x 2, ‘2 Little Owls’ Mittens, New Born Baby Swaddle (Set of 4). Treat the lovely little girl to a wonderful pampering session with ‘Mustela’ Body Lotion and ‘Mustela’ Cleansing Milk, both of which are made in France. Price: HK$929.00

Exclusive Animal Friends Baby Gift Set

There are some of us who aren’t sure whether a baby boy or girl will be joining the family. Don’t worry about the colours or toys – here are a range of exclusive yellow-themed unisex items for the baby. Dig deep into this exquisite Gift Hampers Hong Kong Window Gift Box to find an awesome Tikiri My First Zoo Rubber Teething Toy, '2 Little Owls' Bibs x 2, ‘2 Little Owls’ Mittens, splendid New Born Baby Booties, a set of four New Born Baby Swaddles, a 500ml bottle of 'Mustela' Dermo-Cleansing and 'Mustela' Facial Cream, both of which are made in France. Price: HK$589.00