We all know that it is so difficult to buy a gift for one person. But selecting a gift which is both useful and likeable for a couple can be a real challenge. The best way is to make sure that you pick up things which suit their interests. Select things keeping in mind both their preferences.  For example if she is an avid reader and he is a video game freak, you cannot gift them the top bestseller books. You need to find a balance, and choose according to their common likes.

Find out what are the couples shared passions. Are they both coffee lovers? Or, will they prefer spending their Friday night drinking a bottle of wine. If they are food lovers get them some of the best gourmet delicacies. Couples who love art or decorating their houses will always cherish some beautiful antique table ware or a beautiful photo frame.

Hampers are the ideal gifts for couples when you’re not sure about their common interests or are confused on what to buy. Hampers could be a combination of treats, drinks and gifts which are appealing to everyone. Food and drinks are the safest option to gift, as all relish and enjoy fine drinks and delicious accompaniments. This will save you from the headaches of searching for individual gifts suitable to the couple depending on their likes and dislikes. 

The market is flooded with a large number of gift hampers. We have got together some of the best hamper ideas which will surely not go wrong and are the ideal presents for a couple. Read on and you will surely find something that meets the preferences of the couple you’re buying for. These couple gift hampers are full of fun and surprising, without making it look cheesy and childish.

Our Leisurely Life hamper is a wonderful mini celebratory present – ideal for gifting your near and dear ones on their achievements or special occasions. The hamper contains the best choice of champagne from Moet along with an elegant champagne flute glass. Accompanied by mouthwatering chocolates.

Our Romantic World Hamper includes classy champagne flutes, 2 flavored mini champagne bottles from Moet and a box of mouthwatering chocolates. The best present for a romantic couple, who love spending time together on dinner dates.

For that couple who loved to eat together and cook together. The Weekender hamper consists of all the major ingredients to cook and enjoy an Italian meal. The recipients can create their own favorite Risotto and enjoy it with a bottle of French wine or Champagne. Right from all the ingredients to a lovely apron to great accompaniments like chocolates and popcorn, this hamper is a perfect hamper to gift a food lover couple.

Another hamper to test the culinary skills of a couple who enjoy cooking. Loaded with an array of ingredients which can be used to make delicious dishes, this Superhero hamper is a wonderful gift. Attractively packed in an organic weave basket, it can be an ideal gift for housewarming or to bring in some special celebration.