Foodies take pride in talking about what’s best to eat. They have very high standards and expectations and at times they are very hard to please. Each foodie have their own personal choices and reasons for loving food. They all have different preferences depending on their experiences.

So, do keep in mind these few points before choosing the ultimate gift for the foodies in your life.

Personal Preferences: Foodies categorize themselves by the food they adore and love or foods they dislike. You must have heard them saying “I am not a fish person” or “I am a complete dessert man”. Any expressions regarding food and preferences by a foodie will enlighten you on your gifting ideas. You can also observe what foods they prefer gifting to someone else, are they cakes or chocolates or fruit arrangements? They will definitely appreciate similar gifts from you. 

Nostalgic Emotions: Foodies often mention that certain flavors or tastes takes them back to their childhood. Or certain foods remind them of some incident or occasions.Try gifting them these special foods which will take them down the memory lane. They will surely be thankful to you for your great taste.

Quantity: Foodies love to eat and make other eat. They want everyone around them to share and relish what they enjoy eating. So do not forget to pick up larger quantities of any gourmet food you plan to gift them. For them sharing is caring, and what better than share what you enjoy the most – Food.

WOW Factor: Foodies will only be impressed with food gifts which can WOW them. They believe in celebrating food, and beautifully arranged and plated food is what surely attracts them. Pick up handwoven baskets or decorated tins or elegant silverware to gift the gourmet food you have picked up. Choosing a WOW gift expressed your respect for the recipient’s penchant for food and beverages. This thoughtful gesture will always be remembered by them.

Variety: For people whom you are not very close too or are not aware about their preferences, variety is the best option. When you pick a variety of food items, it will ensure the recipient will like at least one or few of them.  Bring together a variety of both sweet and salty foods.

We have taken efforts and keeping in mind the likes of a foodie, have created a few hampers which will surely help you pick the ideal gift for an ardent food lover.

Happiness and fun is all packed in a sweet little box called Movie Night gift hamper. Packed together are gummies bag, rejuvenating tea, organic shortbread, gourmet popcorn and chocolates.  A great combo which can be enjoyed on a movie date with your friends or loved ones.

Our Gifted Collection offers a great assortment of snacks to enjoy during a tea break. Packed with Tea Forte Rejuvenating Tea are chocolates, crackers and fixed natural fruits. A refreshing assortment of delicacies along with warm pipping tea.

A perfect mid-day break Treat Yourself hamper, loaded with chocolates and cookies. Complimented with Niche Tea Natural Hand Blended Tea Bags. This hamper is the ideal when you want to rejuvenate yourself.

Something Different is a relaxing gift hamper to gift to your special someone. Loaded with sweet snacks to be enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate. Gourmet Popcorn, potato chips, salted fudge, mini truffles pick your choice and enjoy yourself.