A traditional Easter basket should contain:

Gourmet Food

Easter baskets offering “gourmet food” are always loved. Look for unique items from different cuisines which you know the recipient will appreciate.


Wine is the most popular gift for adults especially on occasions! Along with the best wine bottle, you can also add foods which normally go with wine like cheese, a bottle opener or maybe wine glasses.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are perfect to fit any Easter hamper, you can include universally liked gift cards like coffee shops, movie theaters and salons/spas.

Easter Candy

You can add sentimental Easter candy, like chocolate Easter eggs and Marshmallow Peeps. And if you are looking for more unique and adult kind of choices, you can consider including Easter candy offered by gourmet companies and shops. For example Chocolate eggs filled with liqueur.

Coffee and Cookies

You can add packets of gourmet coffee along with some delicious cookies. You can also get coffee mugs made with an Easter theme!

We have a wide variety of exquisite Easter hampers filled with a variety of Chocolates and Marshmallows.


Gift an Indulgence Easter Hamper to your family and friends this Easter - it is filled with countless delicious chocolate bunnies & eggs for your kids to enjoy. This beautifully packed Indulgence Easter hamper contains Easter Bunny chocolate, Candies and egg shaped chocolate.




You can enjoy celebrating this Easter with our luxury gift basket of gourmet treats and Easter bunnies. Share all these delicious goodies with your family and kids this Easter. The Happy Easter Hamper includes Easter Gold bunnies’ chocolate, chocolate egg, Nestle Mini Smarties Easter Egg all packed in a beautiful gift box.


The Easter Cheer hamper is filled with a selection of our delicious gourmet treats which will be enjoyed by your loved ones. The perfect combination of Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt Assorted Chocolates Super Pack, is definitely a must-have during this Easter. Thorntons Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny Egg, Monty Bojangles Chocolate Truffles in Gift Crackers Packaging, Cadbury Mini Eggs in Tube and Milk Chocolate Coverered Ferrero Wafer Egg with Hazelnut Center are the best hamper to gift this Easter.


Whichever of these hampers you choose, we promise you that this Easter will certainly bring a lot many smiles on the faces of your near and dear ones. Whether they’re colleagues, friends or family, sending these Easter hampers will bring you closer and make your bonds stronger. Share joy and happiness this Easter with these delicious hampers.