The problem arises when you think about mailing treats to another country. How can you ensure that mooncakes arrive in one piece? How can you be sure that your mooncakes are allowed to enter the country in the first place? It may be difficult to figure all this out at the last minute. This guide will help you mail mooncakes to somebody special in another country or help you determine if mooncakes can be sent there at all.

How to Send Mooncakes Abroad

Packaging mooncakes to be sent abroad is a key step in ensuring that your treats arrive safely. You don’t want your mooncakes to arrive squashed or in pieces. This means that you need to compile all the necessary materials, including secured boxes and tape. You might want to use a plastic container to provide even more protection for your mooncakes. Next, make sure that you fill out customs forms correctly. You do not want to find that your package did not make it to its destination simply because you failed to fill out a paper accurately. You will be asked the value of the gift in addition to included items and their weight. You also need to include your contact information. Do not lie about the contents either, as this is another way to prevent your package from arriving.

Where Mailing Mooncakes Is Banned

Australia is one country that bans some types of mooncakes from being mailed in. This is because the mooncakes could introduce diseases and pests to the local climate. This could lead to environmental and agricultural devastation. Other countries that are strict about mooncake ingredients include Thailand, South Korea, France, and Germany. Some of these countries prohibit the mailing of mooncakes altogether. Ingredients that pose tremendous risk include meat, pomelo, star fruit, taro, and other fresh produce. In some cases, countries are looking for food additives that are not allowed to be included in products. Countries that ban mooncakes are serious about it. In fact, they may use x-rays, dogs, and manual inspection to find potential risks. Now, there are some mooncake gifts that are eligible to send to countries like Australia. These include packaged mooncakes that are prepared commercially and do not contain meat. Mooncakes including egg yolks or chocolate are acceptable in some countries but not in others. Ultimately, it is important that you do your research. Make sure that you are not sending illegal or prohibited ingredients to the country of your choosing. Not only will your package not make it, but you could also find yourself in trouble.

Tips for Sending Mooncakes Internationally

Now that you have an idea about which ingredients are banned and how to fill out a customs form, you need to focus on packaging and sending your gift. These tips will help you keep your mooncakes safe on their journey. One of the first things to remember about mooncakes is that they may expire. You need to pay close attention to ingredients you use and how long they will last. It can take weeks for items to arrive at their destinations. Next, make sure to use adequate packaging. You can find a lot of packaging materials online to keep mooncakes fresh and safe, including boxes with beautiful designs. This can really make your Mid-Autumn gift look as special as it tastes. You can also remember that ordering commercial mooncakes can help you avoid much of the headache of sending gifts. Commercial mooncakes may be sent abroad to many countries that tend to ban mooncakes altogether. Commercial mooncake bakeries also understand which ingredients are eligible to be sent elsewhere. Mooncakes are a fantastic treat to share with people you care about, and sending them can be a great way to share your appreciation and love with somebody far away at the moment. Just make sure that you are smart about the way you choose to mail your mooncakes and other Mid-Autumn gifts.