World Chocolate Day occurs on July 7th every year to honor one of the world’s most popular treats. This holiday commemorates the special day on which everybody is encouraged to indulge. If you plan to celebrate, make sure to set aside some time to send somebody you love a cocoa-inspired treat.


There is a reason chocolate is universally loved by both children and adults. The sweet flavor goes with nearly any other flavor, from sea salt to caramel. You simply cannot go wrong in creating a delicious chocolate treat. This guide will help you find the perfect present for World Chocolate Day this year -- certainly a holiday you do not want to forget.


Some Fun Chocolate Facts

What is the fun of celebrating a day about chocolate without a few fun facts about the confection? Here are some interesting things you should know about chocolate:


You might be surprised to learn who sells the most chocolate each year. Chocolate production is highest in four countries: Germany, the United States of America, Belgium, and Switzerland.


Chocolate is popular all throughout Europe, but of course it is popular elsewhere too. The United States brings in $20 billion on chocolate retail sales annually, and Hershey’s is the biggest brand.


Cologne is considered the chocolate capital of Germany, and many of the city’s chocolates are imported by other countries.


Western Africa produces two-thirds of the world’s cocoa beans, much of which comes from the Ivory Coast. Indonesia and Malaysia are the biggest cocoa producers in Asia.


The average Swiss person eats just a little less than 20 pounds of chocolate each year.


Chocolate is thought to contain anti-oxidants that may prevent against certain medical conditions.


So many products are made out of chocolate, many of which are quite popular. Cocoa drinks are most popular during the cold months of the year, especially at holiday gatherings. Chocolate bars are a popular snack throughout the year, with Easter eggs being one of the most popular springtime treats. There is a chocolate treat for nearly any occasion. There is truly a chocolate treat for any occasion.


The Perfect Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate makes for a fantastic gift, and gourmet gift hampers can help you show somebody special that you care. Gift hampers can include chocolate alongside other sweets and even a classy bottle of wine. These are some of our recommendations for chocolate gifts:



Our Simple Pleasures gift hamper is a crowd pleaser, offering more than life’s simple pleasures. Your loved one will receive a gift hamper full of gourmet treats, including a variety of chocolate. The assortment of coffee liqueur, chocolate truffles, popcorn, and more is perfect for a close friend, family member, or co-worker. It is sweet and casual.



The Supreme Enjoyment gift hamper is a welcome treat for a special occasion. Is there a better pairing than champagne and chocolate? This gift hamper proves that there is not, offering a delicious arrangement of both. Give your loved ones the gift of enjoyment with a special gift hamper.



We love the Something Different gift hamper, which offers a unique assortment of snacks. Your gift’s recipient will adore the gourmet popcorn, potato chips, chai latte powder, crispy truffles, and chocolate marshmallows. It is truly a unique assortment that your loved will not find anywhere else.


It’s always time for wine and chocolate, and that’s where the Wine & Chocolate Hamper comes in. This treat is creative and indulgent, offering French wine, cocoa-dusted truffles, gourmet popcorn, crackers, duck terrine, and so much more.


No matter what you send to your loved ones, they will be celebrating World Chocolate Day for sure. Thanks to you, it is sure to be a relaxing day to remember.


Celebrate World Chocolate Day in Style

Clearly, there are many ways to celebrate World Chocolate Day. Eating chocolate is simply the tip of the iceberg. Have you ever thought about touring a chocolate factory? This is a great way to learn more about how your favorite treats are made. It’s also a good opportunity to try out some of your favorite dessert recipes at home with your loved ones.


One of the most obvious ways is to send a gift to somebody you care about as a sweet reminder of the holiday. You can have a chocolate gift hamper delivered straight to your loved one’s home just in time for the holiday. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a chocolate as well!