Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes have been part of holiday traditions for years. The history behind mooncakes come from the tradition of sacrificing cakes to the moon as an offering and then enjoying in cakes to celebrate blessings and good fortune. Today, mooncakes come in a variety of delicious flavors.

Mooncakes are symbolic of family reuniting for special moments like the Mid-Autumn Festival, and they are also becoming somewhat of a delicacy around the world. The cakes are served in a lovely box and often served alongside a cup of tea.

What Is the Mid-Autumn Festival?

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th of August on the Chinese lunar calendar, corresponding with a full moon. The Mid-Autumn Festival revolves around gathering together, giving thanks, and asking for a bright future in celebration of harvest. Mid-Autumn is celebrated throughout China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other parts of the world.

Much of the festivities surrounding the festival involve spending time with family members, watching the movements of the moon, and feasting on delicious food. It is no coincidence that so many of the symbols of the Mid-Autumn Festival are round. The shape represents wholeness and reunion. Oftentimes, one person will be designated as the person to cut and distribute the cake as another symbol.

Types of Mooncakes

Mooncakes are treats filled with a variety of ingredients. Many cakes contain egg yolk, lotus seed paste, sweet bean paste, and jujube paste. There are several different styles of mooncakes. Many are based on regions of China, like Guangdong, Suzhou, Beijing, and Yunnan.

Chinese mooncakes are among the most popular cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival:

  • Suzhou-style mooncakes usually have a soft crust compared to other cakes. They are also quite sweet.

  • Beijing-style mooncakes offer a mixture of crust and filling that is typically balanced. They contain sesame oil to create a crispy outside and a soft interior. These mooncakes tend not to be very sweet.

  • Huizhou mooncakes are small and delicate, often looking more like decorations than food itself. The filling of these types of cakes will include vegetables, lard, sugar, and other ingredients.

  • The Guangzhou-style cakes typically offer a thin crust with a deep, rich filling. These types of cakes may include ingredients others do not: coconut, olive seeds, sausage, pork, and orange.

  • The Yunnan mooncakes usually include sausage and other savory fillings. The crust is often very soft, but the fillings will offer a neutral taste.

There are also many modern mooncakes that have been created in recent years. These include novelty cakes that feature cartoon characters or that are made out of ice cream. Some mooncakes are made out of chocolate, and others may be highly decorative.

How to Eat & Enjoy Mooncakes

It is typical to enjoy a mooncake alongside a cup of warm tea, often Oolong or flower. Tea is a healthy drink to enjoy alongside the treat, and it can also neutralize the taste of a very sweet cake. For this reason, tea makes a fantastic gift for the festivities.

Mooncakes can also be enjoyed as part of a feast with other great Mid-Autumn Festival presents. These include hairy crab, which is ideal for eating during this season.

Fruit is another special gift people love to send their loved ones during the festival. Different fruits, like the pear, are symbolic of family.

Ideas for Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts



The Gold Blossom Fruit Hamper with Peninsula Mooncake & Wine or Champagne is a fantastic festival gift arriving in a fabric gift box. The Mid-Autumn Festival gift contains fresh seasonal fruits that are perfect for family members and close friends.


We love the Gold Blossom Fruit Hamper with Landmark Mandarin Oriental Mooncake & Wine or Champagne which features red wine or champagne. The Mandarin Oriental Mooncakes are deliciously presented in this red ostrich skin gift hamper. The seasonal fruits are also a pleasant staple for Mid-Autumn.

We recommend the Exclusive Fruit Gift Box with the Peninsula Spring Moon Mooncake as a fun gift for the festival. Send this assortment of fruits, including honeydew, nashi pears, apples, plums, dragon fruit, pineapple, and more, to wish your loved one a fantastic holiday. The present also comes with a set of Peninsula Spring Moon Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes.




 The Festive Fruit Hamper offers exactly as the name advertises in a beautiful weave basket. The fresh array of fruit is perfect for a corporate setting, family event, or other gathering. Fruits include kiwis, grapes, mangos, honeydew, nectarines, blueberries, mangoes, and more.



Selecting the right mooncake or fruit hamper for the Mid-Autumn Festival can be easy. We offer a fine selection of gifts to choose from, each one including high-quality ingredients and delicious treats.