Essential Gift Guide for New Born Babies 2018

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Having a new addition to the family can certainly become an anxious time for parents. Newborn babies are definitely a gift from God and we should celebrate this new life He has created. You can help ease the anxiety of new parents by giving the newborn baby gifts that are both practical and precious.

This guide will help you know the best options for newborn baby gifts.

Easter Hamper Ideas 2018

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The old Easter tradition talks about the Easter bunny visiting your house and leaving chocolate eggs, candy and toys in baskets for children. Kids are not the only ones who love and look forward to these Easter baskets! Adults do, too. However, shopping and putting together an attractive fun filled basket for the adults can be a difficult task. We've collated below some of the traditional Easter basket fillers as well as more creative Easter gifts to give this holiday.

Essential Party Gourmet 2018

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The main element to tossing a memorable party while also having the ability to escape your kitchen while it's all taking place, is putting just a little thought into the menu - and the tools you'll use to create them.

Chinese New Year Gift Hampers Under HKD$1000

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There are only a few weeks left before the Chinese New Year, and people are getting busy with preparing for the occasion. One important thing to prepare for is Chinese New Year gifts for your friends and family. There are many possible gifts you can choose from, and they can vary in kind and in price. If you’re the type of person who wants to get the most of their hard-earned money, choosing a Chinese New Year gift that’s worth the money is important.

2018 Chinese New Year Corporate Gift Ideas

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  The Chinese New Year is certainly another important holiday that we can’t miss out on. This occasion is a fantastic to get the office groove on in the office and catch up with your co-workers. With only a few weeks left, preparations can get a little hectic. From setting up the office to choosing gifts, our guide can help you prepare for the upcoming New Year. 


Healthy Christmas Hampers 2017

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 The holidays are coming and one of the most anticipated holidays is getting nearer by the day: Christmas. It’s that time of the year again where parties are just right around the corner. We all want to celebrate Christmas and enjoy the festivities, and much of that includes lots of food. It’s okay to indulge ourselves a bit but we should not binge the whole week. Let’s eat as healthy as we can this Christmas and have a healthier and happier New Year.

2017 Corporate Christmas Gift Guide

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The holiday season is calling -- are you ready with excellent Christmas gifts? The corporate world runs on the fast track, and holidays may not be any exception. It is never too early to begin shopping for holiday gifts, even if you are buying gifts for employers, employees, and co-workers.These presents are typically given near the end of the year, around December as many holidays roll around. Corporate gifts are the perfect bookends for the holidays, assuring that it has been a job well-done for the year.

Fun Halloween Party Ideas

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Throwing a Halloween party involves plenty of planning and strategy. While the days are winding down until the big holiday, there is still plenty of time to throw together the perfect get-together. It’s natural to be lost in the planning process, but you don’t have to stay that way.

 Whether you choose to throw a costume party or a classy Halloween meal with friends, you have plenty of themes to select. This guide will help you choose activities, themes, costumes, food, and more for your Halloween party.

Tips for Sending Mooncakes Internationally

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Mooncakes are a Mid-Autumn tradition, and enjoying them is part of the fun of the festivities. As part of the festival, you might be looking to send mooncakes to somebody who lives far away, possibly in another country. After all, sending treats is a good way to show somebody that you care about them.

2017 Healthy Mooncake Guide

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Mooncakes are traditionally consumed as part of the Mid-Autumn festivities. They are often offered to friends and family members that gather as part of the festival. These cakes offer a thin but savory skin that is filled with different types of ingredients, often pastes. The flavors inside can be sweet or savory, but they are always delicious.

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