Tips for Sending Mooncakes Internationally

Posted on in Blogs by Iris Hung

Mooncakes are a Mid-Autumn tradition, and enjoying them is part of the fun of the festivities. As part of the festival, you might be looking to send mooncakes to somebody who lives far away, possibly in another country. After all, sending treats is a good way to show somebody that you care about them.

2017 Healthy Mooncake Guide

Posted on in Blogs by Gift Hampers HK

Mooncakes are traditionally consumed as part of the Mid-Autumn festivities. They are often offered to friends and family members that gather as part of the festival. These cakes offer a thin but savory skin that is filled with different types of ingredients, often pastes. The flavors inside can be sweet or savory, but they are always delicious.

2017 Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Intro

Posted on in Blogs by Connie Cheung

Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes have been part of holiday traditions for years. The history behind mooncakes come from the tradition of sacrificing cakes to the moon as an offering and then enjoying in cakes to celebrate blessings and good fortune. Today, mooncakes come in a variety of delicious flavors.

Interesting Facts about Chocolate

Posted on in Blogs by Simona Mok

World Chocolate Day occurs on July 7th every year to honor one of the world’s most popular treats. This holiday commemorates the special day on which everybody is encouraged to indulge. If you plan to celebrate, make sure to set aside some time to send somebody you love a cocoa-inspired treat.

Introduction To Fruit Baskets

Posted on in Blogs by Simona Mok

How many presents contain healthy but delicious items that you can send to somebody special to celebrate an event or holiday? This guide will help you select a fruit basket that your recipient will simply love.

Mother’s Day Lifestyle Hampers Ideas

Posted on in Blogs by Gabriel Fu

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so why not begin working on a surprise now? When you are running low on ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day, gift hampers never fail to send a message. This guide will help you find the perfect present this Mother’s Day.

2017 Easter Baskets Guide

Posted on in Blogs by Gabriel Fu

When you think about sending a gift for Easter, you probably first think of an Easter basket. The Easter basket has been a family favorite for years, from the United States to Hong Kong. Wth Gift Hampers HK, you can easily purchase your Easter basket and ensure that it makes it to the hands of your loved one in time for the big day.

Easter Hampers From Around The World

Posted on in Blogs by Simona Mok

Easter hampers offer a fun and exciting way to celebrate the holiday. In trying to find a gift hamper that is themed for your upcoming holiday, you might consider a globalized style. This guide will help you create or purchase a unique gift hamper.

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas 2017

Posted on in Blogs by Simona Mok

Giving a great present for Chinese New Year requires some general understanding of culture and traditions surrounding the holiday. This year will be no exception. Each year in Chinese culture is assigned an animal. The animal of the zodiac for 2017 will be the rooster.

Year of the Rooster

Posted on in Blogs by Simona Mok

With Chinese New Year quickly approaching, you may be wondering what you can do to capture a hint of luck for the upcoming year. With 2017 as the year of the rooster, you may be wondering what this means. This year will also be considered a fire year. Those born under the sign of the rooster and the fire will be honored during this time.

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